3D2N at Cherating

Monday, May 3, 2010

We arrived at 7.00pm on Friday..So, carik kedai luk nak mkn malam.
Rasa malas nak type.. Tgk je lah pics...

Dinner at Ombak Restaurant

Adam loves bathing

The sexy Echah

Playing at the swimming pool with a..yah

At the beach
Mummy and Adam

My hero

Jumping humping from ayah

Jumping humping from Mama



Ayah n Adam


Happy gurls from left : Ain, Aimi, Mim, Izzah, K Ana & ME

Adam in black n white

Ada ladang kambing depan chalet kitorg..



permanent writing said...

wahhh.. best nyer g holiday.. tgk budak skolah ni dok dlm maktab ja... sedey KOT :|

MAMA LIZA said...
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Anonymous said...

adam nampak macho pakai spek itam itu~

Mama Liza said...

Tu last time dia pakai spek tu coz then it lost into LAUT CHINA SELATAN. Blame Mama Liza... Mama Liza mandi laut bersama spek Adam.