Meet Mr & Mrs Diapers!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Hello, it is a lazy Sunday. Everybody is still on bed. As per Mr and Mrs Diapers.
They are spending time together. ;)

This set consists of :
1. 3 diapers
2. A pair of socks
3. 3 washcloth
4. Baby basket
5. Decorations

Done packaging! Ready to be posted.

Come and order with us.

Place your orders via :
1. Email
2. WA us at 0135606826


Anonymous said...

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Bin Muhammad said...

Alahai...comelnya Mr & Mrs Diapers tidur sekatil! Sooo Sweetttt!

Diapercakes by Arissa said...

Bin Muhammad - tq soo much BM. Contact Liza kalau berminat. ;)