Adam | Best Student Achievement 2014

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

It is quite long i never jott down anything here. It was so bored having the confinement 44 days. But for sure it is a must to obey it for my health and also my family. So kena la jaga kesihatan elok2.

We were having an event at Adam's school yesterday. We were invited to Prize Giving Ceremony for Genius Aulad. Only a few parents invited as the event was so simple and easy going.

Laziness overload. Lets exercise your head to read this.

From the card, I assume that Adam will receive two award. ;)

In the event, all the students started with their routine in the morning. Singing Lagu Negaraku and did some exercises. Love to see all the little qhaliffs and qhalifahs so excited to it. Adam was so energetic as per mentioned by his class teacher, Teacher Azra. 

Adam was the most excited. Hehe.

After that, the announcer started the ceremony with 4 year old student, followed by 5 year old student. When the announcer announced that the best Little Qari goes to Adam, we were so excited. Me and husband went together with Adam to receive the present from school. 

The next award is The Best Reader Readiness also goes to Adam. As per written on the invitation card, we knew it. But when the announcer invited Adam again for The Best Student Achievement 2014, we, my husband and I were so touching. We were so surprise.

Adam as the best student at Genius Aulad.

Congratulations Adam. You are our proud. It is just beginning. Lets put more efforts and work hard. 

We love you sooo much!

Alhamdulillah for all these Ya Allah!