Gift in a Vase!

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Hello friends. Happy weekend. How do you spend your holiday?

 I am so excited to share our new creation. We handcrafted a baby gift in a vase.

We use diapers, romper, bib, washcloths, socks and decorations, Anakku Baby Shampoo and Baby Lotion, and of course a lovely vase.

Whatsapp us at 013 5606 826 to place your order or email us at

*The contact number is temporary out of service. DO EMAIL US at for details.

Have a nice day!!



cantiknya.. tak sangka liza berbakat hihi...
cik kak ila tengah usaha nak buat website doakan tau
maybe ada majlis kat umah ila bulan 10 nanti
nanti ila jemput tau

Diapercakes by Arissa said...

Hi Ila. Terima kasih.

InshaAllah Liza p kalau dijemput nanti. Hehe..