It is a cute giraffe!

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Here is another diaper cake ordered by a friend of mine. We just knew each other via blog and event. Thanks Mira for being so supportive. ;)

It was third order from her.

It is also for neutral theme. 

And here is the two of us. There is a story behind this blurry picture.

Actually my son was excited when I said that Emir will come to our house. But then only Mira come. So he looked upset and sabotaj the picture. Haha. 

Emir ni one of his idol actually. Good in academic and also in chess. Same hobby with my son. Maybe we can set up the time next time for them to meet up each other. 

Btw, thank you Mira for coming and pick up the diaper cake at my house. 

Those who are interested to order, whatsapp me at 013 5606826. All diapercakes will be nicely handcrafted.

Ok, till we meet again on the next creation!